Bjorn & Rollo | Vikings 2.08 “Boneless”

i really need to get caught up on this show.

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favorite scene

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Artist: Butthole Surfers
Album: Independent Worm Saloon
Song: Who Was in My Room Last Night?
Plays: 929



Butthole Surfers - Who Was in My Room Last Night?

This fucking song

11 days til i get to see Mike IX and Matt Pike in the same nightttttttttttt




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Artist: The 13th Floor Elevators
Album: I Have Always Been Here Before
Song: Reverberation (Doubt)
Plays: 390


The 13th Floor Elevators “Reverberation (Doubt)”



Child of Rage documents the horrific effects of sexual abuse upon a young child named Beth. Consisting primarily of short clips of Beth being interviewed by a clinical psychiatrist, we learn—from both Beth herself, and the additional research done by the TV crew—that she was sexually violated and neglected at a young age by her birth father. This has resulted in the emersion of reactive attachment disorder—a psychiatric condition which, in this case, can in many ways be compared to sociopathy, although their causes are radically different. Beth simply does not feel empathy, and she lacks the ability to connect with others—a product of her mind’s attempts to shut out and detach herself from her past abuse.

Within this film this young girl admits to engaging in highly sadistic, cruel, and often sexual acts upon her brother and animals, as well as just generally displaying a blatant disregard for the rights of others, as well as social norms—which includes the right to life. There is a certain poignancy in hearing a young child’s wishes to murder her parents, as well as her attempts to kill her brother. Demonstrating how abuse can turn innocent young individuals into brutal, remorseless killers, Child of Rage ultimately expresses hope that, if caught at a young enough age, reactive attachment disorder can be treated with rigorous therapy, and the damage reversed—thus bringing a conscience back to a child who would otherwise go through life without one. Beth’s final interview, where she breaks down in remorse for her past self, is truly a tear-jerker.

Graves At Sea - Wormwood

Artist: Pelican
Album: City Of Echoes
Song: A Delicate Sense Of Balance
Plays: 261


Pelican- A Delicate Sense of Balance




My hair does whatever, have this photo idk

Holy crap, Charlie. Holy. Crap.

Thank you for notes I don’t even, my face is not this rad in person / most photos ily

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Dale Crover from the Melvins



When death sleeps it dreams of you