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Hieronymus Bosch

so, any of you know how Bosch was inspired to paint all this crazy, mind-fuck shit? well, i’ll tell you a anyway.

way back when, Bosch lived in a poorer-than-poor village and he and the rest of the townsfolk were literally starving to death. so, they went to a neighboring village and stole some corn. unfortunately, the corn was starting to rot, but, being that these people were starving they weren’t going to let a little thing like mold get in the way of them eating. so they ate the corn, mold and all.

now, the mold that was on this corn was called Ergot and it has the nasty side-effect of hallucinations when eaten. see where i’m going with this yet?

yep, that’s right. Bosch ate some Ergot, tripped his balls off and in the process had hallucinations which he later painted out. the townsfolk (Bosch included) decided they liked tripping face and just kept going back for more moldy corn.

so just keep in mind, the next time you’re having a bad trip, at least you’re not seeing what Bosch was seeing.